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Nut 2 Intelligent Bluetooth Anti-lost Tracking Tag Alarm Patch For iPhone Smartphone

Brand: Nut
Color: White
Language: English and Chinese
1. Two-way anti lost
2. A key finding thing
3. The location information
4. The Internet search
5. Ultra-low power consumption
6. Multitasking management
Range of application:
iOS system: iPhone 4s / iPhone 5/ iPhone 5c/ iPhone 5s/ iPhone 6
            iPad 3/iPad 4/ iPad mini/ iPad mini2/ iPad AirTouch 5, and so on.
Android system: Samsung Galaxy Note 2/Note 3/S3/S4/S5
                GoogleNexus 4/Nexus 5
                Sony  L36h(Xperia Z)/L39H(Xperia Z1)/XL39H(Xperia Z Ultra)
                HTC   HTC One/ HTC One (M8)/HTC One
                HTC   HTC One/ HTC One (M8)/HTC One
                LG     G2/G3
Support the Bluetooth 4.0 and Android system version 4.3 and above.
Remind: Buzzer, flash
Alarm distance: 50 meters
Number of managenment: Connection 6 strips at the same time.
Log in with Facebook, Twitter to use Nut 2.
Battery: CR2032
The Maximum Range: 
Bluetooth 4.0 anti lost: The maximum range of the device is 50m.
1. The nut 2 can compatible with:
Android Phone: The phones that have the Bluetooth 4.0 and Android system version 4.3 and above.
iPhone: iOS 7 and above.
2. The nut can not connect to my phone.
Answer: Please try this method follow:
You can press the button until you hear the beep sounds, and then press it four times immediately, try to connect with the phone again.
3. Why the app is the chinese software?
Answer: Please close the APP and try to change the phone system language to english, and then open the APP again.
4. Language: Just have chinese and english.5. Need a twitter or facebook account to login.
Package Included:
1 X Nut 2 Bluetooth Tracking Tag (Included a CR2032 battery)
1 X CR2032 Battery(for backup)
1 X English Manual

Common problem:
1. Online looking for what?
When the item is missing, the nut users can lost “statement” in the APP, all the nut APP users will help find, if found items, will send the location information to the owner of the mobile phone, the owner can easily find the lost items.
2. Can it be used by other users?
In order to protect your privacy, we use the encryption algorithm, can protect your nut patch can only be used by your account.Unless you authorize others to use, is can’t use your nut patch.
3. The nut patch need to be  charged?
Don’t need.The nut patch use button batteries, normal use can reach about 3 months.Low battery power will be prompted to replace the battery.At the same time, you are buying the nut patch will get free one button batteries, expected can use 6 months
4. How far is the nut patch with mobile phone connection?
About 50 meters outdoor, indoor, about 30 meters.


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